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ty smallMy Dad used to be a dancer. He taught classical ballet for much of his life, and even when he retired he was always keen to talk his head off on the topic of dance to anyone who cared to listen. Anyway, back in the days when I myself was trotting about in a tutu, my dear old Dad used to tell me:

"When you make a mistake, make it beautiful."

stephenmugshotBy Stephen Johnston

From the outside in, my working life has looked like a series of strange moves. Waiter. Rock musician. Well, those normally go together. Research scientist. Okay, weird jump. Then editor to copywriter… not so unusual. And now trainer, my absolute passion. The one continuous thread? They are all learnable skills.

Pardon me if I do a Pointer Sisters' number but... I'm So Excited!... about the English edition of Flow, the bestselling magazine in the Netherlands for paper lovers and creative people. The official launch of the international edition is on November 6, 2012. Til then you can indulge yourself in this special online preview.

ea logoIn all the years I've been helping my authors, I've gathered a veritable host of handy tips that now I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Check out my series of articles on text revision, published on Ezine @rticles. And...

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