Ragini Werner NEEDSer EN
Ragini Werner, Editor + Translator

Intervision3What a luvverly surprise! I've just received a copy for the NEEDSer "pronk plank" (display shelf in my office library) of "my" latest book, autographed by the two authors, Monique Bellerson and Inez Kohlmann, both of whom had luvverly things to say about my quality language editing (*blush*). The book came with a luvverly thank you card from the publisher, Douwe van Randen (Vakmedianet). It looks terrific, and not just the cover. The inside looks just as good... as good as the contents are. Am thrilled to luvverly bits.

Intervision is available in Dutch and English (the version I worked on, natch!). The special card game that goes with it, 75 Helping Questions is available with the book in the Vakmedianet webshop