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The latest issue of the magazine I create for SENSE has been receiving a rapturous reception (*blush*) from readers and needless to say (but you know me, I'll say it anyway). I am thrilled to bits. It is always so gratifying when something you make for others is so appreciated.
eSense 43 2016
I love working on eSense. I'm very lucky in that my colleagues in SENSE give me a totally free hand. As editor of our Society's digital magazine, I set the theme and compile the contents of each issue, doing a spot of reporting myself but mostly nagging my lovely contributors to come up with the tasty goods. And I must say, casting round for contributors near and far (both inside and outside SENSE), especially on social media, is a wonderful way of making new friends!

As the icing on the cake, once my faithful team of eSense copyeditors have cast their eagle eyes over the contents of both online (members' only) and pdf (public) editions, expertly seeking out any errant typo I may have left behind, I also get to do the layout and graphic design. And hone my website management and computor skills uploading the issues onto the SENSE website.

The whole publication package absorbs so much of my creative energy I seldom feel the need to do any of my other creative (non-fiction) writing. But maybe that urge will come back later on (I'm still gestating that second novel)... 

For now, though, I am very happy giving 'birth' to eSense, four times a year. So, allow this proud 'mama' to present you with the latest production. Download your free copy here:

eSense 43 | 2016

Happy reading!♦