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Ragini Werner, Editor + Translator


I’m happy with the 'click'

Thank you for the pleasant collaboration, your conscientiousness, interest in the subject matter and fine language, and also for your enthusiasm and encouragement! I’m happy with the 'click' we had and hope that this may be the start of more writing.

Dr. Monica Bouman
De Gouden Regel
Posted Date : 15-03-2012

Enorm bedankt

Ik wilde je laten weten dat ik alle suggesties en correcties van mijn doctorale dissertatie heb doorgenomen. Ik heb verder geen vragen. Enorm bedankt. Je hebt geweldig werk verricht! Zonder aarzeling, zal ik NEEDSer aan collega promovendi warm aanbevelen.

Dr. Fernando Nieto Morales
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Posted Date : 13-10-2014

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for language-editing my PhD thesis. I am very pleased with the result.

Ruud van der Horst
Posted Date : 25-10-2011

My compliments

Thank you very much for your work on the second edition of Export, a practical guide. You managed to fix such a lot in a short time! My compliments.

Miriam Kuijpers
Noordhoff Uitgevers
Posted Date : 11-12-2011


The translation of this CV looks perfect. To be honest, I couldn't say another word about it. Thanksssss. Also for the super speedy service.

Mireille Nassy
MN HR Services
Posted Date : 16-03-2012

You’ve done a fantastic job

You’ve done a fantastic job, the piece has improved such a lot, really. I’m just glad that my name is on there (and that people will think my written English is as good as this)

Maurits van der Graaf
Pleiade Management and Consultancy,
Posted Date : 23-09-2011

Outstanding wordsmith

Her combination of academic, theatrical, creative and language talents makes Ragini an outstanding wordsmith in the over-populated field of English language copywriters and editors. I guarantee you get what you pay for with NEEDSer – total top quality and a breath of fresh air.

Annie Perkins
Anecdote Films
Posted Date : 03-07-2011

Excellent editing job.

Thanks so much for the quick delivery. I think you did an excellent editing job.

Lesley J. Langelaar-Thomas
Stars & Tulips
Posted Date : 22-07-2011


I want to thank you for all the work you put into my book, Care at a Distance. I've just sent off the manuscript to the publishers. It has been great working with you! THANKS!'

Dr. Jeannette Pols
AMC/UVA Amsterdam
Posted Date : 21-04-2011

I’m very pleased!

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the website text. I’m very pleased! We’ll definitely stay in touch since my texts can always do with a finishing touch.

Monika Hoekstra
Flow West
Posted Date : 18-01-2011