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Ragini Werner, Editor + Translator


Fantastic work

Gini Werner edited the English version of my Bed&Breakfast website. Fantastic work. She has an amazing feel for language and can really play with words. I think she's a word wizard. She chooses exactly the right words that express what you mean, that evoke the right atmosphere and project the right effect. And if you want, she'll suggest improvements to your original text as well. I recommend NEEDSer very highly indeed.

Margot Lammers
Posted Date : 16-01-2011

Very highly recommended.

It was an extremely pleasant and professional collaboration. The final editorial polishing of Antje Veldstra’s art catalogue demanded not only quality and readability but also a certain poetic flair. Very highly recommended.

Gerard Kingma
Photographer and translator
Posted Date : 29-09-2010

I know who to ask!

Thank you so much for your work on these two texts. I certainly agree with your suggestions for improvement and I'm impressed with the quality of your editing. If I get a project for a direct client that needs a really polished style, I know who to ask!

Suzanne Deveson-Tjepkema
Vertaal- en correctieservice
Posted Date : 15-07-2010

Good work!

Good work! The article has become very readable now, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy editing the next one too, though it is not as anthropological as this one. Here's hoping we can work together on lots more papers in the coming months.

Annemiek Stoopendaal
Institute of Health Policy and Management
Posted Date : 18-02-2010

Your keen editing

Many thanks for your keen editing and comments. You’ve really helped me a great deal. It was a nice way of getting to know your online services.

Bart van Overberghe
Service Illustratif
Posted Date : 27-10-2009

Recommended you to my colleagues.

Thanks for polishing our paper. I definitely will ask you to edit another paper and have already recommended you to my colleagues.

Antoinette de Bont
Erasmus University
Posted Date : 12-07-2009

I’m happy with your corrections

'I've noticed that when translating I often think in 'too difficult' English and that you stay closer to the Dutch thinking. I’m happy with your corrections and also satisfied with the changes you made.

Cecile Smit
Manager, GPs' practice
Posted Date : 30-03-2009

Thank you for the good work

Thank you for the good work and fast service. We are very happy with the result and may contact you again with papers like these.

Martijn van Wijngaarden
Kok & Van Engelen Composite Structures BV
Posted Date : 10-10-2008

You won’t regret it!

Gini Werner is a hard and accurate worker who never misses a deadline. She’s at home in all sorts of markets and that makes switching topics really easy going. In short: If you are looking for an excellent editor then definitely get in touch with her. You won’t regret it!

Mary-Jo van de Velde
Bee-U Comunicatie
Posted Date : 01-08-2008

Very impressive!

Gini Werner edited my translation of one of my own stories and gave me loads of good tips on the side. Her comments helped me to make the story stronger, not only in English but also in Dutch. Very impressive!

Martijn Lindeboom
Lindeboom Concepten
Posted Date : 19-05-2008